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Из чата Ghost и Tabajara
_BANNED_Дата: Четверг, 09.02.2017, 13:03 | Сообщение # 1
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Ghost: Hello. I have a question about one map. Map name zpo_deathrun_asdf_b26. I cant run that map on my server in the myarena.ru hosting . One my friend said me - because that map crashed linux server. But on windows os server that map working fine. What advice can u give on this subject? P.s sorry for my english.

Tabajara: Well, ZPS is not fully Linux supported yet. Maybe some entity that you added into the map is causing that issue to crash Linux servers only.

Ghost: Okey

Tabajara: Do you remember which entities you have implemented into the map?
Tabajara: Some confused and complicated ones?
Tabajara: Triggers?
Tabajara: Brushes?

Ghost: that not mine)\
Ghost: DarkTanner author
Ghost: and ... i just love that map)
Ghost: and i dont understand why linux server crashed

Tabajara: probably something that makes run the map crash only for linux

Ghost: its sad news for me

Tabajara: because ZPS doesn't have linux support that well
Tabajara: but v3.0 might fix that for you ugys
Tabajara: you just have to wait and see if it works after that
Tabajara: :^)

Ghost: In 3.0 maybe be better?)

Tabajara: yes!

Ghost: Its good)

Tabajara: i really hope it fix it

Ghost: can u help me and maybe see that map and tell me why deathrun adsf may crashed?
Ghost: may be need delete one trigger?

Tabajara: I really don't know
Tabajara: might be anything related to linux
Tabajara: and I am no programmer

Ghost: okey
Ghost: can u help me more))

Tabajara: sure

Ghost: that of source sdk

Tabajara: what is?

Ghost: how make on map trigger for only zombie or only humans?

Tabajara: for example?

Ghost: parameter in the trigger
Ghost: what is parameter?

Tabajara: try using a filter
Tabajara: filter can help you with that
Tabajara: so the trigger knows which one to active
Tabajara: but tell me
Tabajara: what do you want to do?
Tabajara: so I can understand better

Ghost: wait a sec))
Ghost: do u remember map deepfloor deathrun . on that map have a filter for definition . For example zombie in one room (white zombie) and basic zombie in the second room

Tabajara: oohh

Ghost: yes im noob in sdk)

Tabajara: for that you can make two zombies spawn entities
Tabajara: nah don't worry! I was a noob like you in my first weeks of sdk
Tabajara: you will get better!
Tabajara: so, for that
Tabajara: make two zombie spawns
Tabajara: for example
Tabajara: name it ZombieSpawn1 and other one ZombieSpawn2
Tabajara: make 2 "Disabled"
Tabajara: put a trigger_once in the human spawn
Tabajara: set a input
Tabajara: OnTrigger > ZombieSpawn1 > DisableSpawn in 10.0 seconds
Tabajara: another input
Tabajara: OnTrigger > ZombieSpawn2 > EnableSpawn in 10.0 seconds
Tabajara: So with that, you will tell hammer that you want zombiespawn1 disable right after a zombie spawns in one room
Tabajara: which will be the whitey
Tabajara: right?
Tabajara: cuz he spawns first

Ghost: okey

Tabajara: and the rest of regular zombies in another area

Ghost: i understand)

Tabajara: which will be the zombiepspawn2
Tabajara: :D

Ghost: thank u))

Tabajara: np!
Tabajara: good luck!

Ghost: and u))
Ghost: ohh its me again))
Ghost: how optimization my map for dont droped fps
Ghost: i create a zpo_xmas_story
Ghost: and i have strong drop fps

Tabajara: optimization you have to figure out by your self
Tabajara: remember that more frames = less fps

Ghost: emmm...
Ghost: More props too?)
Ghost: or ..

Tabajara: what makes more frames = too many props, too many stuff been loaded at the same spot area
Tabajara: try using areaportal
Tabajara: on closed rooms
Tabajara: watch few tutorials on youtube about areaportal

Ghost: areaportal crashed my client and unknow why
Ghost: spot area is trigger?
Ghost: or entite?)
Ghost: Dropping fps in the outside rooms

Tabajara: you make a brush into a areaportal
Tabajara: and ctrl+t on it
Tabajara: func_areaportal
Tabajara: you should watch a tutorial on how to make it properly
Tabajara: areaportals is VERY strong

Ghost: ok

Tabajara: so must be placed right
Ghost: oh.. maybe that and crashed my client
Ghost: Okey thx i see a normal tutorial)
Ghost: but you can look at a map and advise something?

Tabajara: i can't right now
Tabajara: i'm sorry

Ghost: Okey but i think may be letter))
Ghost:and area portal i need use, and what i need more? Hint? or... ?

Tabajara: hint/skip is other stuff that is not necessary right now
Tabajara: try use only areaportals for now

Ghost: okey
Ghost: thank u

Tabajara: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swBfUW-Bsxs
Tabajara: as a start

Ghost: wow)) thx)

Tabajara: np

Ghost: =))

Tabajara: func_detail is very important
Tabajara: saves much FPS
Tabajara: Areaportal
Tabajara: Fog can help in emergency cases

Ghost: ok thx)

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_BANNED_Дата: Четверг, 09.02.2017, 13:16 | Сообщение # 2
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